BobBatterLogoThe following Student-Athletes are enrolled to compete in the 7th Annual Battle of the Border at Winthrop University.




Tuesday June 9

1:30pm            Class of 2018 Game 1

4:15pm            Class of 2017 Game 1

7:00pm            Class of 2016 Game 1



Wednesday June 10

1:30pm            Class of 2018 Game 2

4:15pm            Class of 2016 Game 2

7:00pm            Class of 2017 Game

*note that 16 and 17 reverse from Tuesday

Pitching Assignments

Holzer Tuesday
Boykin Tuesday
Richardson Tuesday
Branch Tuesday
Boyd Tuesday
Todd Tuesday
Cochrane Wednesday
Shirazi Wednesday
Grayson Wednesday
Musselwhite Wednesday
Tierney Tuesday
Roser Tuesday
Lucas Tuesday
Sweetman Tuesday
Kepley Wednesday
Bolin Wednesday
Ryan Wednesday
Copps Wednesday
Phillips Wednesday
English Wednesday
Davis Tuesday
Sullivan Tuesday
Bolt Tuesday
Jarvis Tuesday
Jagielski Tuesday
 Sweatt Tuesday
Steward Wednesday
Reves Wednesday
Helms Wednesday
Bagwell Wednesday
Zdimal Wednesday
 Little Wednesday

(you only have to come on your pitching day, welcome to come both days if you choose)


Rosters as of June 6, 6:00pm

Andrew Alejandro WINTHROP     2018       Third Base Rock Hill
Caleb Barwick WINTHROP   2018       Third Base Porter Ridge High School
Josh Swartz WINTHROP   2018       Third Base Sun Valley High School
Cameron Reeves WINTHROP   2018       Middle Infield | WINTHROP   2018         Pitcher Northwestern
Harrison Livingston WINTHROP   2018       Middle Infield South Iredell High School
Anthony Palma WINTHROP   2018       Middle Infield | Lake Norman High School
Stephen Ridge WINTHROP   2018       Middle Infield Marvin Ridge
trey donathan WINTHROP   2018       Middle Infield Charlotte Christian
Tyler White WINTHROP   2018       Middle Infield Mooresville
Joshua Haney WINTHROP   2018       Middle Infield SouthLake Christian Academy
Connor Partlow WINTHROP   2018       Middle Infield Rock Hill High Schoool
justin cope WINTHROP   2018       Catcher Indian land high
Spencer Bright WINTHROP   2018       Catcher Davidson Day School
Wesley Sweatt WINTHROP   2018       Catcher Northwestern High School
Alex Weisker WINTHROP   2018       Catcher Charlotte Catholic
Zachary Zdimal WINTHROP   2018       Pitcher Marvin Ridge
T. J. Davis WINTHROP   2018       Pitcher York high
Nick Sullivan WINTHROP   2018       Pitcher Marvin Ridge Middle School
Nolan Bolt WINTHROP   2018       Pitcher Indian Land High School
Justin Jarvis WINTHROP   2018       Pitcher Mooresville HS
Matthew Helms WINTHROP   2018       Pitcher Marvin Ridge High School
Jonathan Jagielski WINTHROP   2018       Pitcher Charlotte Christian School
Daniel Bagwell WINTHROP   2018       Pitcher Kings Mountain High School


Michel Stewart WINTHROP   2018       Pitcher Butler High School
Adam foxx WINTHROP   2018       Outfield Saluda Trial
Carson Hannah WINTHROP   2018       Outfield Northwest Cabarrus
Anthony Alejandro WINTHROP   2018       Outfield Rock Hill
Hogan Drane WINTHROP   2018       Outfield Fort Mill Middle School
Caleb Bruce WINTHROP   2018       Outfield Sun Valley High School
Parker Ledford WINTHROP   2018       Outfield Ardrey Kell High School
coby ingle WINTHROP   2018       Outfield rockingham
Reid Mayers WINTHROP   2018       Outfield Charlotte Christian
Garrett Shillingburg WINTHROP   2018       Outfield Northwestern High School
Broadus Roberson WINTHROP   2018       Outfield Charlotte Country Day
Will Stites WINTHROP   2018       Outfield Shelby High School
Gavin birkhimer WINTHROP   2018       Outfield south meck
Carson Rowland WINTHROP   2018       1st Base Westminster Catawba Christian School
Ryan Brown WINTHROP   2018       1st Base Rawlinson Road
Jason Odem WINTHROP   2018       1st Base Forestview HS
Noah Gammons WINTHROP   2018       1st Base Rock Hill High School
 Luke  Little  WINTHROP  2018       Pitcher  East Mecklenburg
Cameron Kepley WINTHROP   2017       Pitcher | Central Cabarrus High School
Tucker Tierney WINTHROP   2017       Pitcher Charlotte Latin
Clinton English WINTHROP   2017       Pitcher Marlboro County High School
Owen Copps WINTHROP   2017       Pitcher Myers Park
Dillon Phillips WINTHROP   2017       Pitcher Chase
Nick Roser WINTHROP   2017       Pitcher Lincoln Charter HS
Brooks Lucas WINTHROP   2017       Pitcher Greenville Senior High School
Trevor Sweetman WINTHROP   2017       Pitcher Fort Mill High School
Madisyn Bolin WINTHROP   2017       Pitcher Kings Mtn. HS
Jack Ryan WINTHROP   2017       Pitcher Ardrey Kell High School
Kevin Molnar WINTHROP   2017       Outfield Marvin Ridge High School
Kobie Mackinnon WINTHROP   2017       Outfield fort mill high
Greyson Haller WINTHROP   2017       Outfield Piedmont High School
Jonathan Perez WINTHROP   2017       Outfield Lake Norman High School
Chris Hutto WINTHROP   2017       Outfield South Pointe High school
Matt Stokes WINTHROP   2017       Outfield Lincoln Charter School
Nick Hoffman WINTHROP   2017       Catcher Nation Ford
Gregory Izzo WINTHROP   2017       Catcher Nation Ford High School
Ryan Johnson WINTHROP   2017       Catcher Cuthbertson
Hunter Helms WINTHROP   2017       Catcher Fort Mill High School
Joe Tolone WINTHROP   2017       1st Base Jay M. Robinson High School
Ezra Morrison WINTHROP   2017       1st Base North Henderson High School
Spencer Bala WINTHROP   2017       1st Base South Pointe High School
Reece Oliver WINTHROP   2017       1st Base East Rutherford
Aaron Teague WINTHROP   2017       Third Base St Stephens High School
John Hosmer WINTHROP   2017       Middle Infield Charlotte Country Day School
alex featherstone WINTHROP   2017       Middle Infield ardrey kell
Bryson Smith WINTHROP   2017       Middle Infield Bunker Hill High School
Miles Jackson WINTHROP   2017       Middle Infield Westminster Schools of Augusta
Erwing Vazquez WINTHROP   2017       Middle Infield Harding university , HS
Joey Tepper WINTHROP   2017       Middle Infield Fort Mill HS
Tyler Musselwhite WINTHROP   2016     Third Base | WINTHROP   2016         Pitcher Fairmont High School
Daniel Haberern WINTHROP   2016     Third Base Cardinal Gibbons
Luke Orr WINTHROP   2016     Third Base Hopewell
Justin Williams WINTHROP   2016     Third Base Independence High School
Jake Holtzer WINTHROP   2016       Pitcher | Providence Day
Jake Boykin WINTHROP   2016       Pitcher Olympic High School –
Zach Richardson WINTHROP   2016       Pitcher Mooresville High School
Russ Branch WINTHROP   2016       Pitcher Burns High School
Dylan Boyd WINTHROP   2016       Pitcher RS Central High School
Owen Grayson WINTHROP   2016       Pitcher Myers park high school
Paul Todd WINTHROP   2016       Pitcher Cardinal Gibbons High School
Alex Shirazi WINTHROP   2016       Pitcher Myers Park High School
Paul Cochrane WINTHROP   2016       Pitcher North Lincoln High School
WINTHROP   2018       Pitcher
Drake Harris WINTHROP   2016       Outfield North Raleigh Christian Academy
Jordan Jeter WINTHROP   2016       Outfield Union County High School
Thomas Olsen WINTHROP   2016       Outfield Charlotte Catholic
Derian Gueldner WINTHROP   2016       Outfield Indian Land High School
Franklin Thompson WINTHROP   2016       Outfield Union County High School
Daiquon Davenport WINTHROP   2016       Outfield Chase
Michael Young WINTHROP   2016       Outfield JM Robinson
Gabe Ellis WINTHROP   2016       Outfield North Lincoln High School
David Stowers WINTHROP   2016       Catcher Southlake Christian Academy
Ryan Decker WINTHROP   2016       Catcher North Henderson High School
Logan Plattenburg WINTHROP   2016       Catcher Parkwood High
Nicco German WINTHROP   2016     Middle Infield Robinson Secondary
Brandon Ammons WINTHROP   2016     Middle Infield East Forsyth
McCann Mellett WINTHROP   2016     Middle Infield Charlotte Catholic HS
Donovan Cristy WINTHROP   2016     Middle Infield Porter Ridge High School- Indian Trail
Chase McGlamery WINTHROP   2016     Middle Infield Lake Norman High School
Hayden Smith WINTHROP   2016     Middle Infield Charlotte Latin
Haddon Adams WINTHROP   2016     Middle Infield Riverdale High School
Will Wilson WINTHROP   2016     Middle Infield Kings Mountain High School
Drew Fuller WINTHROP   2016     1st Base Cox Mill High School
Chase Ellis WINTHROP   2016     1st Base Blythewood HS
Dylan Wilkinson WINTHROP   2016     1st Base High Point Christian Academy
Nick Manco WINTHROP   2016     1st Base Fort Mill High School