Prowling the Pacific






I recently had the privilege of being a part of a discussion with a group of kids on the importance of being a good wingman. I wanted to share some more thoughts on why this is so important for students today.


Life and school are tough, maybe tougher today than ever before with so many more challenges and the growth of technology in our world. One wrong move and a student can end up in a position that holds him/her back for many years or even worse it can bring on legal troubles or even the loss of life. We don’t get the chance to make a good decision many times after a bad decision has been made. This brings in the importance of having good friends and serving as a wingman to those friends.

Many times while on your own, it is tough to see all the ramifications of a decision. You are in the moment, a situation feels right, fun and exciting to you. A natural impulse leads you into thinking there is nothing wrong with the decision you are about to make. This is where having a wingman comes in very handy. While you may not see the potential outcome of a decision, your wingman may be able to look at the issue differently and guide you into a better decision. He/she can provide that little tap on the shoulder to alert you of the dangers that are hidden in your view. A good wingman has the ability to help guide you through the path of life and to keep you safe and out of trouble.

If you have ever been in trouble, think back for a moment what a good wingman could have done for you. Would it have helped to have had another point of view or a roadblock to making the decision that put you into trouble?

On a much larger scale, think of all the people that have lost their careers or lives due to a bad decision. How would their lives be differently now if they had a wingman that stepped up and kept them from making the bad decision?

I urge all of us, students and adults to make sure we have wingmen in our lives and also play the role of a wingman to our friends. With spring break and summer break on the horizon, everyone is in need of a wingman or two.

Stay Safe. Make good decisions and help others to do the same.