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Providence High School senior baseball player Josh Hiatt is ready for his senior season of baseball.  The 17 year old son of Earl and Angie Hiatt has signed to play baseball at the University of North Carolina – Chapel Hill following high school graduation.   Josh has enjoyed a strong prep baseball career as a pitcher and middle infielder.  Providence High School coach Danny Hignight will call on Josh to help the team chase a state championship.  Let’s go Beyond The Game with Josh Hiatt to learn more.



What are your top  athletic accomplishments?
“Committing to Chapel Hill to play baseball and continue my education and being named first Team Louisville Slugger Pre-Season All American.”
What is your favorite memory on a baseball field?
“Probably playing Ardrey Kell during the regular season at their place. We played with six normal starters the majority of the game and even had an outfielder come to play third when I had to go to pitch. We won the very close game with the last play being hit to the outfielder out there playing third. We kept fighting until the end and we went crazy when it was all over. It was the wildest game I have ever played in.”
How did you come to decide upon UNC-Chapel Hill for college?
“I grew up being a Carolina fan, which made it easier, but  when I visited the campus and met the coaches I knew that was where I wanted to be. I love the coaches up there and the campus is just amazing. Also, a chance to play for one of the top programs in the country really helped influence me.”

What position do you expect to play in college?
“I can play any position on the field so I can’t really expect to play a certain position in college. I am just very excited for the opportunity to keep playing in college and I hope to help the team win however I can.”

What are the goals for both you and for Providence this spring?
“Well just like every other school, our ultimate goal is to be the best team at the end of the year and be state champions and we certainly feel like it is possible for us. If we are able to push one another and get just a little better everyday then we feel like this is our year. It is going to be one heck of a season for us and we are very excited for it all to start.”

Do you prefer pitching or shortstop on defense? Why?
“Probably pitching just because I am able to control so much of the game, but I love being able to try and make some crazy plays at short.”

Talk about playing for Danny Hignight and where he has placed the Providence program?
“ I am truly blessed to be able to play for Coach Hignight. He expects the very best out of his players and pushes us hard everyday all for one purpose, which is to be the best. He has really helped put Providence on the map of top programs in the nation. There is not a more disciplined or harder working program than Providence and Coach takes great pride in it just like he should . He has coached more than 50 college players including numerous All-Americans and seven who were drafted by Major League organizations. His dedication to the program really helps push all the players to a whole new level because we know all the time and effort he has put into his players and this program. His knowledge of the game extends not only to physical skills of the game, but also the mental aspect of it. He is undoubtedly the best coach I have ever had.  He truly cares for his players and I couldn’t be more proud to be able to play for him.”
How do you perform in the classroom (GPA, honors, etc) ?
“Currently I have a 3.3 GPA and taking some honors classes to prepare for college.”