We covered the Ardrey Kell – Providence Boys Basketball game last night on South Charlotte Sports Radio.  Here are my observations from the game, won by Ardrey Kell.


Ardrey Kell

  • The team passes the ball like most Mike Craft teams, they find the open man.  Very few selfish shots were taken
  • This team has the chance to be the most well-rounded team in Ardrey Kell History.  They have so many different weapons to use, you cant concentrate on just Elon signee Steven Santa Ana anymore.    Last night, Rhyle Scott dropped in 18 points to follow his 19 point MVP performance in the Hoodie’s House of Hope Championship game.  Then off the bench sophomore Wes Morgan, hit four three pointers in just a matter of minutes.
  • Steven Santa Ana can score points in a hurry.  Last night, he ran up 10 or 11 points in about a four minute span.  The rest of the night, he had some great assists.
  • With Devon Cooper back in the fold, its just one more big time weapon for the Knights to use.
  • Josh Freund continues to do his job around the basket, getting tougher each game.



  • Coach Taylor has improve the team since last year, He is working hard with the talent on hand.
  • The Dotson brothers provide two really good weapons.  Dalen and Devon are quality players that can score 10-15 points in a game
  • Drake Deliius can also play basketball.  After stepping in for an injured Caleb York late in the football season at quarterback, he now is showing his basketball skills.  Nice moves for a big kid using his left hand
  • Machado is a nice addition for Providence, at times he was able to score key baskets, before the Ardrey Kell depth and speed took over.
  • Its neat to see four or five kids playing for Providence that played in my youth basketball tournaments just a few years ago
  • Nice Tuesday night crowd at Providence.  This rival game should never be on a Tuesday night if CMS really looked at scheduling for more revenue, but for a Tuesday night, I was impressed.  Move all rival games to Friday night and increase the GATE CMS!