Ardrey Kell escaped with a five point win over Charlotte Catholic tonight, the game was much closer than five points.  I broadcast the game for South Charlotte Sports Radio and offer these thoughts:


Huge props to Catholic coach Mike King.  He is doing great work in building a program.  He is loaded with energy, passion and knowledge of the game.  Great game plan, great execution all night long, just missed a couple of key shots at the end.

Even with a close win, this Ardrey Kell team is still the best TEAM in the city.  All great teams have close games, they had one tonight.

Crowd at Catholic was solid and very supportive of their team.  I LOVE going to Catholic and hearing a prayer and knowing you are going to watch a game that is played with more than winning in mind.

Steven Santa Ana was the best player on the court and when Ardrey Kell had to have him, he took over the game on both ends of the floor.

Josh Freund was huge for Ardrey Kell, he keeps getting stronger and better every game.  Sign this academic success story up for a strong school where Academics come first and he will do well

Bailey McKee for Catholic was on fire in the fourth quarter for Catholic, I enjoyed watching

Josh Brodowicz is still as good as he was 5 years ago in youth basketball games. He is fast, he can shoot and he has passion

Joe Scibelli played well for Catholic, was tough on the big men inside

Catholic’s press was very effective tonight, its slowed the game down and gave the Cougars a chance to win

Final shout out to Catholic and Coach King for their great hospitality.  I love going to events at Catholic, the fans are always kind and appreciative.  Very fortunate to have the friends I have in Cougar Country.