They say you can vote for 1o, so here are mine for this year’s class!  Kind of excited as my family will be in Cooperstown all of July for Dreams Park Baseball.  Hope to go down to inductions!



  • Randy Johnson:   He was just too darn good to not vote for!  Give the man his plaque!
  • Pedro Martinez:  Hard for this Yankee fan to say yes, but he does have 3 Cy Young Awards
  • John Smoltz:  Maddux and Glavine will welcome him to the club this summer!.
  • Craig Biggio:  Borderline to me, but I will say yes,, the man has over 3,000 hits, put him in!
  • Jeff Bagwell: Had some wonderful years, I went back and forth, but since I can vote for up to 1o, i say yes
  • Edgar Martinez: Is the time right for him to go in, Made his mark as a DH,, A hitting legend, Should I?  Yes I will.
  • Barry Bonds: You cant ignore the S word, but I think he was good from start to finish, Steroids are not the sole reason he hit all those HR, yes, but I know he has no chance
  • Tim Raines:  He and Ricky were the best lead off men of their era, among the greatest ever,, Let’s say yes to ROCK
  • Mike Mussina:  this is on where stats maybe say no, but I say Yes
  • Roger Clemens: Juice, No juice?  Who knows what role they played, but i think he was and is a Hall of Famer, So Yes

    I said No to these:

  • Nomar Garciaparra:   Just cant see it, No
  • Mike Piazza: He always had pizazz, I just dont think he is a Hall of Fame Player.
  • Mark McGwire: One day I will say yes, but not today
  • Gary Sheffield: Just cant say yes for some reason,, Close but no cigar