Kailey Smith 7th Fast to the basket, athletic, big upside
Evan Miller 7th Sees the court well, competes hard
Mya Olmeda 6th will be special, only 6th grader, a real sparkplug, quick
Leia Owens 7th can shoot the ball well, will improve
Meghan Lang 6th only a 6th grader, will improve over next two years
Kennedy Cash 8th special player, power, speed, athletic
Ariana Thompson 7th looks to be very athletic, will only get better
Andrea Shire 8th gets to the basket well, solid hands
Kennedie Gaither 7th high knowledge level, athletic, powerful, competes
Sydney Jacobs 7th will only get better, has lots of athleticism insde to use
Nina Clark 7th handles ball extremely well, athletic, big upside for future
Lauran Helms 8th impressed with her court awareness, knows what to do
Alexandra Helms 8th very good size, as she develops into high school will do well
Kayla Loeber 8th will help the Catholic program, smart player
Kayla Young 8th strong and athletic, can be a force to contend with
El Ferguson 6th very good future ahead for this 6th grader, will develop
Nia Griffin 8th she compete hard on the court
Ryan Swilling 6th athletic, 6th grader, very big upside, watch her develop
Dane Bertolina 7th talented with the ball, point guard ability, good shot
Sydney Yoder 8th Competitor, not afraid of any challenge, big upside
Lili Bowen 8th smart player, battle tested, will succeed in high school
Dazia Lawrence 8th Top player in event, will be very special in high school, athletic
Kennedy Grier 7th Solid player, so smooth on the court, shoot well
Laila Barnes 8th a force on the court, shot blocker, rebounder, so strong
Ally Bigham 7th understands the game, wants to win, always strives for success
Karina Mitchell 8th nice shot form, moves well away from ball
Breya Busby 6th good set of hands, only a 6th grader, upside is big
Sydney Burke 8th understands the game and her role, competes hard
Addison Laney 8th will have good size for high school, I see her as a success in HS
Alexis Ruffalo 8th works hard on court, ability to rebound the ball,
Savannah Richburg 7th impressed with her shot, runs court well
Lauryn Hardiman 7th has a powergame, plays hard, enjoys competing