Jacob Dahlberg 7th high desire to succeed, will get stronger
Luke Drees 7th impressed us with skills, upside in place
Luke Stankavage 7th Sharp-shooter, won 3 pt shootout, will continue to develop
Ford Cooper 8th Very impresive player, athletic, can score
Jeremiah Gray 8th Super athletic, strong, will only get stronger and faster
Matthew Siverling 8th displayed nice shooting fundamentals, will work
Seth Bennett 8th best fundamentals in camp, growing, is going to be a player in HS
Tyler Alexander 7th great size, body getting stronger, will develop inside skills
Najee Abdul-Haleem 8th this kid makes plays for his team, has nice upside
Justin Taylor 8th showed well in the event, nice passing skils, solid future
Will Coble 7th surprises folks in spite of his lack of size, will grow and improve
Christopher James 8th really played well all event, can shoot the rock
Kamin Bond 8th understands court spacing and getting open
Knoah Carver 6th big upside, only 6th grader, carries a ball everywhere he goes
Monty Bowser 7th nice shot, has solid passing skills as well
Harry Grams 7th works extremely hard, wants to excel, fundamentally strong
Caleb McReed 8th one of the top 5 players in event, strong skillset, player
Clayton Boone 8th strong kid that is going to continue to grow
Jackson Cashion 8th can find his shots on a court
Jere Drummond 8th gets to the hole, could be a scorer in high school
Colin Green 8th seemed to be able to drive to the hoop at will
Nick Kleiderer 7th looked to have a good fundamental base to work from
Mitchell Salvino 8th well trained player, knows how to shoot the ball, will grow more
Tim Newman 8th one of the top athletes on the court, very strong, high level
Brian Jacobs 8th won hustle award, can control a game with his speed and effort
Luke Cashion 7th will work hard to develop skills
Hunter Helms 8th smooth on the court, showed athleticism at times
Keyan Mims 8th tall, athletic body, will be a solid high school player
Carson Harris 7th makes up for lack of body size with hustle and desire, will grow
Bennett Smith 7th
Aaron Scott 8th can shoot the ball, has weapons to use on court
Conner Gillis 7th displayed a nice shooting touch
Jake Brockmann 7th has the desire and work ethic to improve on the court
Drew Patterson 7th one of the top 7th grade athletes, super fast with his feet
James Shipley 8th strong leader, knows how to help a team win, steady player
Garrett Shrader 8th MVP of event, big size, can play all 5 positions, will be a special player
Jake Cunningham 7th steady player, has played all positions on the court, smart
Donovan Gregory 8th
Parker Brooks 7th nice upside, will get better the more he works, shot well
David Felkner 7th strong shooter, smart on the court, very nice upside for future