It’s time now to announce thefootball_620x350  With so many talented players in the area, our committee had a tough time settling on just one player.  With their guidance, we have elected to spotlight three players with award.   Please note, we recognize there are at least one dozen players worthy of the honor, but as with each award, different criteria lead to the selection of all three players.  We salute every football player that works hard year round on and off the field of play.


Jaret Anderson:  Wow, what a season this Charlotte Catholic running back had in 2014.  If he wasn’t running for the end zone from the Catholic backfield, Jaret was returning kicks for huge gains and touchdowns.   Jaret’s play was a huge part of the Cougars drive all the way to the state championship this season.  Jaret is an extremely hard working, quality individual and will be poised for an even better senior season.  Our committee simply likes the way he plays the game and we recognize the hard work his entire team put in to help him have a successful season of running statistics.


Austin Kendall:  Not a lot we can really add to all that has been said about the season Austin Kendall had for Cuthbertson.  The Tennessee commit led his team to their first ever conference championship and a semifinal appearance in the state championship playoffs.  Austin provided great leadership and poise in the pocket as he distributed the ball all across the field for the Cavaliers.  Austin is also a junior and will be ready for another record breaking season in 2015.


Charlotte Christian Offensive Line:  Yes, it’s unusual to not pick an actual player for the award, but the shear power and finesse of the Knights offensive line deserves recognition in our opinion.  The offensive line is led by Brian Chaffin, Phil Walton Hank Bennett, , Robert McLain,  Dalton Gouveia, Kennedy Manyika, Alex Parker and Josh Bryant.   These guys and others opened up amazing holes for Elijiah Deveaux to run through and gave first year quarterback John Turley all the time he needed for passing.  The Charlotte Christian offensive line may be as good as any line in the state, regardless of size or classification.


FAN POLL VOTE WINNERS:   1.  BJ Mucklevane, Cuthbertson        2.   Zach Goins, Weddington


**** Again, there are over a dozen players that cases could be made for in winning these awards.  We salute every football player that works hard year round on and off the field of play.****