Metrolina Christian junior football player Rudiger Yearick completed a successful season of play on the gridiron. The quarterback is the son of Dave and Staci Yearick and he set all types of school records this year in leading his team. He threw for 32 touchdowns this regular season. Let’s Go Beyond The Game to learn more about Rudiger.

When did you begin playing football and what position do you play?

“I began playing football when I was 6 years old and I play quarterback.”

What are your top three athletic accomplishments?
“My top three athletic accomplishments are being named NCISAA All-State Team (2013 & 2014), being the Union County QB Rating Leader (2014) and the Union County Passing Percentage Leader (2013 & 2014).”

What is your favorite sports memory?
“My favorite sports memory is my 2008 season as a whole. I was in 6th grade and it was one of the best seasons of football I have ever played. I still have some of the friendships I made during that season. When I think back to that season it reminds me of why I still play the game; for the relationships and memories that it creates.”

Talk about the excitement of leading your offense and the success you have had as a unit.?
“I love the excitement and responsibility of leading this offense. We have a very unique group of guys who are very selfless in their attempts to help the team. We have been very successful averaging 38.8 points per game and we’ve helped our team reach a 7-3 record.”

What is your favorite part about playing high school football?
“My favorite part about playing high school football is the relationships and memories that it forms. There is something very unique about taking a group of guys who may not know each other otherwise, and putting them together to go to battle for each other. The relationships and memories formed through that never die.”

How well do you perform in the classroom?
“My GPA is 4.6 and I am in the Jr. Civitans Club.”

Can you talk about any charity or community work you are involved in?
“I’ve helped at local Special Olympics events and I also help serve at the youth football camp at Metrolina.”