Here we go football fans, the picks for tonight!issue195Bryce


State Championship Game

Christian over Latin    I almost went with Latin here as I feel Daniel Jones has the ability to throw 5 touchdown passes tonight.  The Christian depth and a frigid night is leading me to stay with The Knights.  32-24

Butler over South Meck —   I hope the Sabres play up to their potential here, they could at least make it a really good game.    Butler has a tough road ahead that could end next week, but I am not picking them to lose here,, Butler wins 42-17

rovidence over NW Guilford    The Panthers must put it all together now and play a couple of more weeks.   Panthers 28-17

Mallard Creek over Myers Park     Mavericks are famous for 1st round blowouts, so I am going 55-9 here

Indy over Olympic       Indy will play into December, so nothing ends tonight, Patriots 44-12

Ardrey Kell over Page  — When I was growing up Page was the “cat’s meow” for high school football, the last team you wanted to play.  Times change, Knights win 37-20

Weddington over South Iredell    — Warriors fired up for tonight, need to have a bonfire under the stands to keep everyone warm,   Warriors win 33-20

Catholic over Davie County        Will not even be close, the folks from Davie better wear their long johns, those visitor stands at Catholic are frigid,  cougars 44-20

Asheboro over Marvin Ridge — Marvin Ridge has a future, but for tonight, not enough firepower to win game # 4,, Asheboro wins 30-18

Cuthbertson over Ashbrook     — Kendall will play well, he is a big time player and has two amazing WR’s on his team, Cavs win 35-21

Be safe and have fun out there!