Charlotte Catholic sophomore tennis player Rachel Marthinsen completed a successful season with the Cougars this Fall. The daughter of Dan and Barb Marthinsen began playing tennis at eight years old and she has worked her way up the ladder. This fall, Rachel played as the number one for the Cougars. Let’s go Beyond The Game to learn more about Rachel.

When did you begin playing tennis and why?
“I began playing tennis because my mom and brother played, and I thought it looked like so much fun. I started clinic at 8 years old, but played my first tournament when I was 10 years old. I was playing the the 12 and under age group and thought I was so special because I was playing up an age group. I won my first match, and was ecstatic with myself! Even though I lost my next match I thought it was so much fun to compete and play.”

What are your top three athletic accomplishments?
“Playing line one on my school team as a sophomore, winning 4th place at the State Closed NC L1 tennis tournament and being the top 200m runner in my school for track my freshmen year.”

What is the strongest part of your game?
“The strongest part of my game is my fitness. I credit my high fitness level to my current coach now and my previous one, who both emphasized endurance on the court. Every time I go to clinic I am challenged with the many fitness activities. Although I do not always like them, they definitely help me on the court!”

What makes you the happiest on a tennis court?
“I am definitely happiest on the court when I hit a swinging volley for a winner. Ever since I started playing this has been my favorite shot to make.”

What type of racquet do you play with?
“Yonex Vcore Tour 97.”

How well do you perform in the classroom?
“With school and tennis I am extremely busy, especially at the beginning of the year having 3 matches a week plus school every day. Fortunately, I am able to keep my grades high attending several honors classes with a 4.04 GPA.”

Do you enjoy doubles as much as singles?
“I definitely like singles more than doubles, only because I get a little impatient when I don’t get to hit every ball in doubles. Plus I can’t always tell my partner my thinking strategy during the point. Although I love doubles with my partner Megan Leonard, I prefer to only worry about myself whether I am having a good or bad day.”

Have you started to make plans for college yet?
“I have just started exploring plans for playing in college. I would love to have to opportunity to play tennis in college, and have plenty for time to improve and think about it.”