Strike up the band, here comes the President! Charlotte Christian School senior volleyball player Emily Saba also serves her school as the Student Government President. The daughter of Ron and Cindy Saba is an overly active student on the Knights campus, always giving her best effort every day of the week. Emily first began volleyball as a diversion to stay in shape for basketball, little did she know it would turn into a sports she fell in love with. In addition to her volleyball success, Emily plays varsity soccer and basketball and is the first chair violin in the school orchestra. Let’s go Beyond The Game with Emily Saba to learn more.

When did you begin playing volleyball and what position do you play?
“I started playing volleyball as an 8th grader at Charlotte Christian originally to stay in shape for basketball. I never knew I would end up falling in love with it. I began playing club volleyball my freshman year of high school. I play the libero position, or in other words, the short, loud person in the back row.”

What are your top three athletic accomplishments?
“I am a three-year varsity athlete, my team has made state tournament every year and I was elected team captain this year.”

What is your favorite sports memory?
My favorite memory has to be the semi-finals game in the state tournament against Covenant Day School. My eight best friends, who were seniors at the time, surrounded me as we played the sport we all adored. I have never seen a group of girls fight so hard. We fought for each other: for those not playing in college. We were fueled by our love we developed for one another. We ended up losing 3-1, but the game made me realize the ability humans have to mentally press their bodies to its limit when something they love is on the line.”

Favorite thing about this season has been?
“Senior night! Our team played the best we have this whole season. Our communication level and intensity stayed constant which is a huge mental breakthrough with the team. We hung with a team (Charlotte Country Day) who would otherwise destroy us. Also, it felt nice to be appreciated by my younger teammates for the blood, sweat, and tears I have put into making this program what it is now.”

How important is communication on the court?
“Communication determines the outcome of any game. When a team communicates, it creates chemistry and energy which ultimately leads to the peak of performance. I’ve seen national championship winning club teams go down to sub-par teams, because they decided to completely quit talking.”

How well do you perform in the classroom?
“I perform to the best of my abilities. I have a 3.94 GPA unweighted and a 4.7 weighted GPA. I belong to the National Honor Society, National Spanish Honor Society, Tri-M Music Honor Society, and the National Art Honor Society. I am the president of the Future Politicians of America Club. Also, I was voted SGA Student Body President of my school. Let’s just say I barely have time to breathe!”

Have you started to make plans for college yet?
“I plan on majoring in International Affairs and Public Policy at a highly respected academic institution. Academics are my priority, but I do plan on playing college volleyball. Trying to imagine not playing volleyball in college is impossible; it is my love and my obsession. Who knew trying to keep the ball off the ground would be so much fun?”