Charlotte Christian School senior basketball player has always focused on learning how to play and respect the game of basketball. The 18 year old son of Kendall Phills and the late Bobby Phills II learned the value of hard work and strong fundamental skills at an early age. With each game over the last six years, he found a way to improve and to help his team succeed. His growth as a basketball player and Student-Athlete allowed Trey to earn the opportunity to make a commitment to play basketball at Yale, a member of the prestigious Ivy League. Let’s learn more about Trey’s journey and how he carried himself with class along the way.

Things began to start adding up for Trey as he entered middle school.

“In about 7th grade, my AAU coach Derick Brewer used to take me and a few others down to a 24hr peak fitness. They had a gym and we would work out at midnight until almost 4 in the morning. We called it Midnight Madness. After that summer is when I truly started having confidence on the court.”

Trey continued to work hard year round to improve his skill set. Upon entering high school, he earned a position on the Charlotte Christian Varsiissue197treyty Team and was named All-State following his junior season. Colleges began to take notice of this rising force here in South Charlotte. In addition to his basketball talents, college coaches found an outstanding Stuident-Athlete with a 5.0 grade point average his junior year. The academic profile allowed Trey to be more selective in the college process and brought a unique set of strong academic schools to his doorstep.
Along with Yale, Trey had official visits set up with Princeton, Harvard, Mercer and was in discussions with Wofford about taking a visit. All those plans changed once he made his official visit to Yale in New Haven, CT.

“New Haven is a really beautiful place. The campus is what I liked most about it. You walk on campus and you feel a great vibe from the students who go there, they really are enjoying their college experience. There are 12 residential colleges that house students and every single one has something different to offer. You can find a really great group of friends in your college and make lifetime connections. And the tradition of Yale speaks for itself, not everybody can say they graduated from there. People’s faces light up when I tell them where I’m going.”
The Yale coaching staff worked very hard to place Trey at the top of their recruiting list. So what was the final straw that led to the choice of Yale?

“ Definitely the coaching staff. Coach Jones came down early morning on the first recruiting day and really showed that I was a priority. The assistants showed love all summer as well. I have an opportunity to play and really grow and excel over there.”

Those Yale coaches were very excited to land a player and all-around person like Trey Phills. This is a young man that overcame the hardship of losing his father, Bobby, an NBA player with the Charlotte Hornets, in an automobile accident at the age of three. With a very strong mother at his side, Trey grew into the outstanding person that he is today.

“I couldn’t be more thankful to be raised by a strong woman like my mother. She was quick to show her love and how proud she was of my sister and me. And she was also quick to pull out the belt or twist my ear off when I misbehaved. I’m grateful for everything she’s done for me.”

“Even though I lost a huge part of my life early (my Dad) I’m just so blessed that God gave me many other people to help guide me and grow in the right ways. Literally countless family and non-family have developed me into the young man I am right now.”

Trey also had help in learning to play the game of basketball the right way.

“There’s a lot of different people who have helped me along the way. It all started with coach Brewer from my first AAU team… He really laid out the fundamentals of the game and basketball IQ for us at a young age. Who else do you know breaks down the triangle offense to a 6th grade team? He certainly did. Along the way, my uncle Stephen Silas poured his time into me over summers working with my shot. I got my first dunk (which I’ll always remember) after working with Scotty Scott who’s based in Charlotte. And also my High School coach Shonn Brown. Everybody chipped in something different to help my entire game.”

Thankfully while Trey was getting all the help from others on his basketball game and in life, he was doing his part in taking care of his academics in the classroom. Trey strived for the best grades possible to give himself the most chances at success in life.

Trey on why he treats his academic success with respect; “Because basketball, as much as I love it, won’t last forever. After it’s all said and done, I’ll only have my knowledge to be successful in life and not my athletic ability.”
Now with is college decision in the rear view mirror, Trey is relaxed and ready for an outstanding senior season at Charlotte Christian. Both on the court and inside the classroom Trey Phills is ready for success this year.

The South Charlotte Sports Report salutes Trey Phills for all of his dedication to becoming the best Student-Athlete he could possibly be. Trey is a shining example for others to follow and we look forward to watching his senior season and his journey to the campus of Yale and beyond. Best wishes Trey Phills.