Around the Charlotte area, its seems as if middle and high school field hockey teams are popping up at record rates. The sport which combines many of the same characteristics of hockey, lacrosse and soccer has become a great alternative for many area female Student-Athletes. The sport of field hockey dates all the way back to the Middle Ages in Scotland and England. Games are played on a large grass field with eleven players including a goal keeper. Each player is equipped with a fiberglass or wood stick and  they attempt to hit a hard rubber like ball into a net at the opposite end of the field. Players wear shin guards, cleats, goggles and skirts or shorts in the game. Compared to many other sports, field hockey is relatively inexpensive to play.

One of the top area players is Charlotte Latin senior Katherine Schell. Katherine plays on the defensive side of the ball and  has been playing the sport since the seventh grade. She has captured All-State honors and helped her team to the state championship game last year. This year marks the third year on the Hawks Varsity Team for Katherine.

With the fall season underway, Katherine has her sights set on helping Latin to win a state championship before heading off to college. As a team leader Katherine also wants, “to leave each game with no regrets and to always encourage and a advise my teammates.”

“This year I want to always be available to my teammates for questions about a drill, problems in school, or anything else on their minds. I have been on Varsity for three years, so I can understand how overwhelming it can be. I also have  one a lot of what we do in practice before, so I can help them understand what they need to do.”

Katherine also enjoys promoting the game to others who may not have had the chance to play.

“I believe Field Hockey is growing because it’s a very unique sport, and not 1overly challenging to learn the basic skills and rules. Once you do have some knowledge of the game, it is a very entertaining game to both play and watch. In top-level Field Hockey there  is fluidity to the game that I found to be unmatched by any other sport that I have played. Field Hockey is also a great team sport that allows you to get in shape while developing relationships with students from every grade level.”

Katherine says the sport simply makes her feel happy.

“I love the way I feel while I am playing; it is like nothing else in the world matters anymore.

It relaxes me and gives me a break from the stresses of being a high school student. Also the relationships I have made while playing Field Hockey are unforgettable.”

Away from the Field Hockey games and practices, Katherine is a true all-star in the classroom. She has been on the Honor Roll and Headmaster’s List in all of her years at Latin.

This year she is currently enrolled in four Advanced Placement courses. Katherine enjoys the challenge inside the classroom just as she does on the field of play, a mark of a Student- Athlete. In addition to her work in the classroom,

Katherine is a member of the Mosaic Club which promotes diversity and the Service Club at Charlotte Latin. She also enjoys Art classes and is a two-time Scholastic Gold Key Art winner.

With college right around the corner, where does Katherine stand on her next big decision?

“I am looking at schools all over the country, and even some outside of the country! I still have no idea where in the world I will be come next fall.”
The South Charlotte Sports Report salutes Katherine Schell for her dedication to success across the board. Katherine sets the bar high for herself and we admire all of her accomplishments and wish her the best in finishing the 2014-12015 season at Charlotte Latin on a high note.