Two groups of hard working football players will gather tonight at Ardrey Kell High School at 6pm. The unbeaten Charlotte Catholic Cougars will complete a bus ride in rush hour traffic to play the unbeaten Ardrey Kell Knights. An above average crowd is expected for the battle between the stars of tomorrow.

The South Charlotte Sports Report has followed both teams closely this year due to the great work on Twitter by Family members of players. We certainly appreciate those updates that have allowed us to share your news.

Without a connection to either schooI, I have no dog in the fight here, so my only wish is for a good, tight ball game and for every player to remain healthy. I commend all of the boys for working hard this season and competing every Thursday night along this exciting journey.

For Ardrey Kell, they will rely on the offense to be led by quarterback Cameron Bauer and running back Merrick Haston. When Bauer needs to go to the air he will likely look in the direction of Cade McDonald and Jackson Sinclaire. These two have been very productive receivers all season long and have helped to keep the Knights offense rolling. The team has outscored its opponents 288-71 on the season. Leading the way for the Knights defense has been Jacob Messler and Justin Lawson. Much credit also must be given to the front seven for being so productive in each game.

Charlotte Catholic will counter with a host of successful players. Quarterback Brady Berger can count on his running backs Jack Brigham, Angel Marrero and Gus Jarosz to gain positive yardage. Leading those runners to the openings are Keaton Pagani, Jacob Smith, Nick Derrico, Jack White, Brian Macuga. Patrick Mead and Reid Brandt. The defense has had quite a few players step up in starring roles; Ian Baker, Cade MacQuarrie, Matt Beltrondo, Cole Davies, Jack Kloiber, Rob Dumser and James Hurney.

We are counting on a good game from both teams tonight. The South Charlotte Sports Report commends every player on both teams for their hard work and we wish them the best in the future. In the next two years many of these kids will be playing in big roles for the Varsity Teams.


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