Covenant Day School 10th Grader
Hannah Joye is an up and coming long
distance runner in the community.
The 15 year old daughter of David and
Donna Joye has only been running long
distances for a little more than a year,
yet her success in a short time has been
very impressive. Let’s go Beyond The
Game to learn more about this dedicated
Student-Athlete at Covenant Day
When did you begin running long
distances and
“I began running
long distances in
preparation for
cross-country two
weeks before school
started my freshman
year. I became
interested in
running distance
after wanting to be
involved in a fall
sport and thinking
running might be
something I would
enjoy doing.”
What are your top three athletic accomplishments?
“My very first cross-country season last year was defi-
nitely a year of learning for me. With a lot of hard work, I
was able to take third in our conference. I also placed 18th
out of 156 girls at the 2013 NCISAA XC Championships.
After a successful season of cross-country, I pursued track
in the spring. My favorite race instantly became the 400-
meter race and I was able to finish first in our conference
for this race as well.”
What are your personal goals for the season?
“This season in cross-country, from a running standpoint,
I am hoping to break a 20 minute 5K. If I hope to continue
to pursue running and be a top competitor, I have to push
Do you enjoy competing outside of school?
“Competition outside of school is so much fun for me. With
school related competition within the classroom, I enjoy
the change. Competing outside of school gives me the
ability to do different things that I love to do and surround
myself with people who are just as competitive as I am,
even within cross-country.”
What makes cross country running fun for you?
“Cross-country is something that most people turn away
from because it is focused on running and running longer
distances; however, this is where I find it so much
fun. Running long distance strengthens me mentally and
physically and forces me to push myself to the limit, which
is something that most people are afraid of doing. Crosscountry
has become more of a game to me rather than just
running. There is a strategy to running a race that makes
it even more competitive and exciting. I love the environment
within my team as well. The support that we all
give to each other is so incredible and is one of my favorite
parts of running.”
How well do you perform in the classroom?
“My performance in the classroom is very important to
me. The classroom environment at Covenant Day is great
and the teachers are focused on our success in the future,
as well as our relationship with God. The teachers care
for each student individually. My current GPA is a weighted 4.59. I am also
involved in the CDS Beta Club, which has exposed me to service opportunities
and allowed me to become more involved at school and with the other students.”
Have you started to make plans for college yet?
“It is so hard for me to think that college is only three years away. I have had
ideas of things I want to do in the future, such as orthodontics or pediatric
nursing; however, I have not put too much serious thought into it. Both of
my parents graduated from Clemson University, which has drawn me to that
school. I have been to the campus many times for football games and love it.
I am definitely hoping to be a Clemson Tiger one day!”