Providence High School junior Dru Seabrook has been one of the defensive leaders on a much improved Providence High School Football Team this fall.   The 16 year old son of John and Ginger Seabrook plays defensive end and has been in on many key stops for the Panthers so far this season.  Let’s Go Beyond The Game with Dru Seabrook to learn more.



What are your top three athletic accomplishments? 


“I once scored 37 points against a team from West Virginia in an AAU basketball tournament.  In 6th grade, I was on a Pop Warner team, the South Park Falcons, which went undefeated & won the Optimist Bowl.  The other one would be the fact that I am part of a really good Providence team and a really good defense this year and that I am able to be a big contributor to that.”



What is your favorite moment on the football field?


“My first sack this season against a really good Summerville offensive line.  I knew at that point that my offseason work was going to pay big dividends.  But I hope that moment is replaced by a championship later this fall.”




What is your role on the Panthers Football Team?


“ I play Defensive End primarily.  I also play Tight End on offense in certain situations.”




Do you play any other sports?


“I grew up playing both football and basketball, but I decided to focus 100% on football now.”



What are your goals between now and graduation?


“My immediate goal is to do everything I can to help Providence win our conference championship this fall and to advance deep into the playoffs.  I feel like we have the talent to do that & our coaches will always have us prepared.  My teammates and I have a goal that we will have football practice on Thanksgiving Day this year!  After the season, I would like to continue to work very hard in the weight room & with McClure Sports to make myself better.  I want to add another 20 or 30 pounds for my senior year.  Then next year, I want to once again help my team win and make it into the playoffs for our senior year.  We have a lot of talented juniors in our program right now and we want to go out on top.  Academically, I want to continue to post good grades, do well on the SAT & ACT and work to find the right college for me.”




What level do you see yourself fitting into for college football?


“I have always had a dream to play college football. I see myself playing either Defensive End or possibly Outside LB in college.  I would like to play at the highest level possible. Wherever I end up, I will be very prepared because Coach Hardin and Coach Hertz have prepared me really well to be the best player I can be.  I am just going to continue to work very hard to improve as a player and do everything I can to make this happen.”




How well do you perform inside the classroom?


“I have a 3.5 GPA coming into my junior year.  I am off to a good start this fall with a very challenging schedule.  I take a lot of Honors classes to help prepare myself for college.”