Charlotte Catholic High School senior volleyball player Daria Cure has enjoyed a successful prep career on the court.  The daughter of Ryan and Donna Cure has always strived to do her very best inside the classroom and with her sport.  Let’s go Beyond The Game to learn more about Daria.


When did you begin playing volleyball and what position do you play? 

“I began playing volleyball in 7th grade. I play setter and right side defense. Over the years I have also played right side hitter.”



What are your top three athletic accomplishments?

“ My seventh grade year, I got cut from the volleyball team. It put me down, but I came back the next year and made the eighth grade team, and that’s something that I’m proud of because I never thought I would have the confidence to come back and try out again. It also made me work that much harder!  I also improved on all of my physical tests coming into 12th grade, including my vertical, my block jump, approach swing, 30 yard dash, and mile run time. I also have played eight seasons of club volleyball at CJV and four seasons of Charlotte Catholic Volleyball and managed to keep a 4.0 GPA with 7 AP classes and almost all honors classes otherwise?


 What are your responsibilities on the court?

“On the court, my responsibility is to do everything in my power to take care of the ball, and make sure I move my feet and play my hardest. I have a responsibility to my teammates to play my best each and every play. I also have a huge responsibility to maintain a positive attitude on the court, because that helps everyone play better.”



What are your goals for this season?

“This season, a major goal of mine is to win states. It has been something that my teammates and I have been working on for four years, and we’ve given everything we have to this goal. Another more personal goal of mine is to balance finishing out my senior season in a great way, and applying to and getting into the college of my choice. I also plan to maintain my grades up until the very last day. I don’t plan on letting them slip just because it is senior year.  I want to make sure that I keep them up and finish the year with honors.”




What areas will you be able to help your team with this year? 

“I can help my team this year by always giving 100% of my effort and focus during practice. That is what is going to help us get the state title. Giving 100% focus and effort includes encouraging my team members and never being lazy. Being lazy doesn’t help my team or me achieve our goals!



What makes Catholic Volleyball fun for you?

Catholic volleyball is fun for me because it’s something really special when all of my teammates and I are working together simultaneously for a common goal. Most of us have been playing together since middle school, so throughout this time we have really gotten to know each other. We have so many great moments together! We lean on and support each other not just throughout the season, but throughout the whole year.”



How well do you perform in the classroom? 

“I would say that I perform exceptionally well in the classroom, I have always taken the highest level of classes offered to me and I have always maintained As and Bs. I work as hard as I can all year long, and my grades are something that are really important to me.  I feel that I can be proud of all that I have accomplished in the classroom. I am also very active in extracurriculars. I have been volunteering for Special Olympics as a basketball coach for the past 2 years. I have also worked at the Holy Angles wrestling tournament, and worked through my Church to make meals for those families who have lost a loved one, are dealing with illness in the family, or are going through a hard time. I am also an active member of the Art Club and French Club at my school. I also tutor regularly for National Honor Society. I also participated in a KAIROS retreat my junior year, and I am now serving on the Retreat Team, which is a club at my school that coordinates all the retreats. We coordinate KAIROS, and all of the class retreats that the school participates in.”


Have you started to make plans for college yet?

“Yes! I have started applying to my top choices for college, which include UNC Chapel Hill, NC State, University of South Carolina, Elon University, and the University of Dayton. I have visited around 7 colleges within the past year, and I have a lot of options to consider. They were all great tours, and I have a tough choice ahead!”


Tell us about your experience with studying abroad?

“One thing that I am very proud of is my study abroad experience. Over the summer, I did an individual program through Language and Friendship for three weeks. I travelled to France, alone, and I lived with a family in the South of France. The family that I stayed with spoke no English, so it was a complete immersion experience. That was one of the most challenging yet amazing experiences I’ve ever taken part in. It was difficult, because I had never been forced to speak only French before. My French improved tremendously while I was there, and I came back with memories that will last me a lifetime. ”