Energetic Covenant Day School senior soccer player Chad Hunkler has given his all to the Lions Soccer Program over the years. The son of Phil Hunkler and Julie Holmes plays all across the field, helping his team in every position except Keeper. Let’s go Beyond The Game with Chad Hunkler to learn more about his time as a Covenant Day School Student-Athlete.

When did you begin playing soccer and what position do you play?
“I began to play soccer when I was 3 years old and never really stuck to one position. My 6th grade year I started as a center back with my friend Logan, but as the seasons go by I moved all around the field. I have played mid-field, forward, striker, everywhere except Keeper. This season I am playing wing.”

What are your top three athletic accomplishments?
” All conference award junior year, starting varsity soccer all four years of high school, senior year Varsity captain
What is your favorite sports memory?
“The first game of my freshman year, against South Lake, I scored the first goal of the season within 30 seconds from the starting whistle. Caleb Allen flew down the wing and gave me a great cross at the back post. I caught the ball with my left foot and with one touch, bounced it into the net.”

What is your favorite part about playing high school soccer?
“There are so many things involved with soccer that it’s hard to choose just one. Deciding between, early dismissals, Friday nights under the lights, and the ultimate beauty of the game itself, is a difficult task. My favorite part of high school soccer is when the individual players become one team and can selflessly achieve all victories and dominate the field.”

What areas are you helping your team with this year?
“This year I have been able to help through keeping a strong attitude when faced with defeat. Also the team looks to me to score goals and distribute over the whole field.”

Have you made any college plans for next year?
“I haven’t made a final decision but I am looking towards UNC Charlotte.”