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November 2, 2014

2:00pm – 5:00pm

Community House Middle School

…Youth and Middle School Camps all under one roof! The 7th Annual South Charlotte Sports Report Basketball Boot Camp will be held November 2nd at Community House Middle School.  This annual pre-season camp reaches sell out capacity each year.  Led by Ardrey Kell High School Head Basketball Coach Mike Craft, the camp is designed to prepare are players for the upcoming season.   The camp is divided into two groups, Middle School Camp and Youth Camp.

The Middle School players will focus on techniques and drills to prepare them for the upcoming  middle school tryout process.  Coach Craft offers strategies designed to help middle school players catch the coaches eye and in turn have a greater chance of earning a spot on the team.  With a background that includes bmcoth Division 1 College and High School coaching, Coach Craft has a wealth of knowledge to offer to both boys and girls hoping to earn a spot on their school team.

“The Basketball Boot Camp is the best camp I ever attended,” said Stephen Layton, an eighth grader.  “I didn’t think I had a chance to make my school team as a seventh grader, but some of the strategies and mental focus that Coach Craft shared with me helped me to get over that barrier and earn a spot on my team.  I am going back again this year to work more with Coach Craft.”

The youth players will work on building a strong fundamental base to enter into the season on a high note.  Our goal is to get each player comfortable again on the basketball court and help to prepare them for their most successful season ever.   Many of the same drills the middle school campers will employ will transfer over to the youth camp.

We want to prepare each youth player with the confidence needed to have an outstanding season of basketball. Both camps will be held at the same time, 2pm-5pm on  Sunday.   Camp enrollment is limited to keep the focus on instruction and reaching our set goals with the camp.

To guarantee your spot, please enroll today.


The Elementary School campers will receive first-class instruction on the proper fundamentals needed to prepare for the upcoming season.  Skill Sessions will include; proper shooting form, dribbling, off the ball movement, passing and defense.  Campers will also play games and participate in contests during the camp.


The South  Charlotte Sports Report published a story focusing on the incredible turnout that many local schools were witnessing for basketball tryouts. At one local middle school over 100 7th and 8th graders attempted to earn one of 12 positions on the school team. A local high school junior varsity team had 70 ninth graders attempt to earn one of 7 open spots on the tsummer-clinic-dribble-demoeam. The response from area families to that story was simply amazing. These parents had witnessed their children go through an emotional roller-coaster during a week of tryouts with 85-90% of the students failing to make the school team.

In response to this issue and in line with one of our goals at The South Charlotte Sports Report of providing quality youth sports programming; we are proud to offer our 7th Annual Basketball Tryout Boot Camp program for area 6th-9th grade boys and girls. Our unique  program will provide a simulated tryout  format for the campers to prepare for their actual school tryout . Each camper will receive first-class instruction on the “ins and outs” of basketball tryouts from area middle and high school coaches including Ardrey Kell High School Head Basketball Coach Mike Craft.
In addition to working on the skills needed for the basketball tryout, breakout sessions will be held focusing on the mental preparation of tryouts and how to gain a psychological advantage and keep it throughout the tryout period.

Other key components of the   Boot Camp will include strength and conditioning drills, tryout behavior, body language and a special session on how to properly   handle both success and failure with good sportsmanship.

“The more I learn about the tryout process and the number of student-athletes that struggle during the tryouts, the more determined I am to offer a successful  program that will better prepare area basketball players,” said Tripp Roakes,  President of The South Charlotte Sports Report. “In listening to the response from both our  campers and parents, it has been a rousing success and helped many players gain the extra edge needed to succeed in their tryout.”

“Tryouts can be a very overwhelming and emotional experience. Our goal is to prepare  campers in a way that gives  them the best possible chance to reach their goals. This camp  is not your ordinary basketball camp.”

“We can’t turn someone into a superstar overnight, but we can simulate the tryout process and provide first class instruction for our campers. We will work to build their confidence and provide a high-level of insight as to what will happen when they walk onto the court for tryouts.”