Madison+Bumgarner+San+Francisco+Giants+v+Texas+6Z2d2BqA6JGlDREAMS DO COME TRUE, EVEN IN LITTLE OLD HUDSON, NC

Written by Tripp Roakes, South Charlotte Sports Report

Every Dad with a child that begins to play baseball finds a way to dream the dream of watching their kid play in the World Series. It starts in the backyard at age two or three, tossing around a whiffle ball and hitting with an over-sized plastic bat.
In the Father’s mind, he asks himself, “what if my boy can grow up to be a baseball player and play for the New York Yankees or even today, play for the San Francisco Giants?”
In the child’s mind as he gets a few years older, he begins to pretend that he is a World Series star, hitting the big home run like Carlton Fisk in 1975 or hitting three home runs like Reggie Jackson in 1977. Maybe the child dreams of pitching like Jack Morris in 1991 or Brett Saberhagen in 1985.

I dreamed those dreams as a young child, I was Reggie Jackson, Kirk Gibson or a member of the Big Red Machine. My dreams came to a quick end as I only had Major League Talent when I played the games in my mind. Even though I didn’t make it come true, my dreams remain very vivid today. Baseball dreams never go away.
I have a friend up in Hudson, NC that I have become lucky enough to know the last five or six years. He is a nice fella, always has a smile on his face, loves being a friend to my son Tyler and anyone else around a baseball field. He is a good ole boy like most folks from Caldwell County are. He leaves an impression on people, way before you learn his background.
When his son was growing up in a log home that he had built for his family, my friend also had the same dreams many of the rest of us do with our baseball playing boys. He was so excited like so many other dads when the first words his son said were “ball.” At age two he threw soft bouncy balls to his little boy in the backyard. As the years grew he began to throw and catch real baseballs with his son. Year after year, those balls began to come back to him faster and faster. By the time he was in high school, his son could throw the ball 90 plus mph and with his left arm. People from all over the country began to come watch him pitch for South Caldwell High School.


Some of these people talked funny and wore hats with major league teams on them. They also carried these weird looking radar guns and pointed them at his son every pitch. With each game his senior year there were more and more of these people and more and more of these silly looking radar guns being pointed at his son. These people were professional baseball scouts and they really liked to watch his son play baseball. One of those teams, the San Francisco Giants felt good enough about his son to draft him as the tenth player in the 2007 Major League Draft.
Without going any further as you sort of know the rest of the story, his son grew up to win three games in the 2014 World Series and won the MVP Award. He pitched five innings on two days rest to further cement his legend at the young age of 25.


My friends name is Kevin Bumgarner and his son is Madison Bumgarner, World Series Legend.
Kevin has officially lived the American Dream now. He has raised his son to become one of the greatest pitchers in baseball, a name that will be talked about for 100 years or more. More importantly he has raised his son to be a kind, humbled young man from Hudson, NC, otherwise known as BumTown.
Today when kids go out in their backyard to throw the baseball, they will pretend to be Madison Bumgarner. Dads will sit back and catch the ball and think about what might could happen for their son. We all dream our own dreams. For many days and years ahead millions of young baseball players will dream about a boy that grew up in Hudson, NC — Madison Bumgarner.


Kevin Bumgarner– Sit back and smile, enjoy the ride, you and your son Madison have lived the American Dream. Congratulations, good things happen for good people!