Max is working extremely hard this season to contribute to the Cavaliers success with improved times. He has set a goal for his team to improve upon their tenth place finish in the state championship last season.



“This was the first time Cuthbertson’s Boys had made it to states since moving up to 3A status, and we are looking to use the experience to place even better this year.”

It’s important to note that Max has been fortunate to find a coach that has provide the inspiration to find success in cross country. That coach is Kirk Walsh, the Cuthbertson High School Head Cross Country Coach. Without a doubt, Coach Walsh is Max’s hero according to his mom, Melissa.

“He has been Max’s coach for six years. Max’s father left when Max was 11. Coach Walsh stepped in and has been a mentor and supporter for Max ever since. He understands Max’s illness and develops special plans and programs for him to be able to train safely. He encourages Max to reach his full potential and has made him believe in himself. For so long Max had been told “you can’t” and Kirk has always told him that “you can”. He has given him a priceless gift.”



“I would never have imagined that Max would be doing what he is doing. He has been through so much and will continue to fight this illness his entire life but running has changed everything for him. Running has given Max the confidence he needs to be successful in all aspects of his life. Coach Kirk always says that “Today is going to be awesome” and now Max believes it.”

Max has also found great success inside the classroom.

“Cross Country has taught me discipline in all areas of my life, and that includes academics. I am an A average student, and aim to challenge myself with course loads of AP and Honors level classes. I am not sure of the exact grade point average, but it is higher than a 4.4 . Clubs have proven to be a great way for me to meet like-minded peers, and am involved in several, including: Beta Club, Fellowship of Christian Athletes, and Chinese Club.”



Max is also active in community service with The Fellowship of Christian Athletes .



“The club has provided me with many valuable opportunities for community service. In the past, I have participated in events focusing around helping schools and families in need. My family and I also share an interest in assisting those with Special Needs. We serve these groups through volunteering at annual events like Special Olympics and Joy Prom.”
The South Charlotte Sports Report is extremely proud of Max Walker for working his way past life’s obstacles to find success. We know he will continue to work hard and achieve all of his goals. We also want to give a very special thank you to Coach Walsh for the role he has played in this magical story. Coach Walsh inspired Max and has helped him build a pathway to success. Great teamwork all the way around.