Mandy Cohen: "I'm here to focus on the work." - North Carolina ...

Tripp Roakes, Founder of the South Charlotte Sports Report set down on Friday May 22nd to Zoom with NC Health Secretary Dr. Mandy Cohen. Dr, Cohen helped to clear up some of the confusion on youth sport in NC and also offered a certain level of hope as we deal with this Covid-19 Crisis.

I hope you will enjoy the interview. I am very appreciative of Dr. Cohen’s time today and will say it was very easy to work with her and her staff to set the interview up.

As you may or may not know, the South Charlotte Sports Report has been one of those businesses that has been impacted the most by the Covid – 19 pandemic. Our income from youth sports has of course gone to zero, but instead of shutting down my efforts to promote Student-Athletes, I have tripled my efforts and am doing all I can to share the stories of the 2020 class.

By supporting any of the side businesses below, you are giving the South Charlotte Sports Report the chance to continue to complete our mission.

Please consider these if you are in need of our services or if you want to support the South Charlotte Sports Report during these times please do so. We are so appreciative of the donations received from supporters.

To View the Video With Dr Cohen, please click here