Weddington High School sophomore Kendal Collins has been named the Karsey Glass Breakout Star of the Week.issue236Collins
The 15 year old daughter of Steve and Megan Collins began playing volleyball in the 6th grade when her parents convinced Kendal to try volleyball by saying her best friend was also playing. She ended up falling in love with the sport!

Just a couple of years later Kendal earned a spot on her first National Club Volleyball Team. With two plus years of volleyball left in high school, Kendal has her sights set on playing in college following her graduation. Her year round work on the sport and high desire to succeed should be of great help in reaching her goal.

Kendal plays the position of libero where she is in control of the court. “You have to be loud, be encouraging and pick
other teammates up when they’re down. You have to hustle to every ball and be mentally strong; nobody’s perfect! The
libero has to be willing to make mistakes, and when you do, you have to be able to
brush it off and get ready for the next play like you never made a mistake. You have to
be fast and be a beast on the court!”

In addition to being a “beast” on the volleyball court, Kendal dominates inside the classroom,
earning straight A’s for three consecutive years. Kendal is also involved in the
Mentor’s Club and Teens For Levine through Weddington High School. Congratulations
to Kendal Collins for being named the Karsey Glass Breakout Star of the Week.