Today is a true landmark day for the South CharlotteSCSR - special events
Sports Report. What started as a basic idea to highlight
Hometown Teams and Hometown Kids in the South
Charlotte community is now ten years old. I never really
knew where this idea would take me when I began,
I just wanted to develop a new job for myself that would
allow me to retire from a 17 year career in the NASCAR
marketing business that had me traveling for 36 weekends
a year. To sit back now and see that I made it ten
years and hopefully have made a positive impact on the
community gives me a great sense of accomplishment.

I am very blessed to be able to work on something I
am very passionate about, youth sports. In addition to
caring for my family and being a good Dad and Father,
I really want to see our youth have opportunities and to
make good decisions that don’t put them in a tough spot
in life. Every opportunity I have with the newspaper or
in working with kids, I try to deliver a message based on
making good decisions, hard work in the classroom and
being thankful for what your parents have provided you
with. Our community is filled with tens of thousands of
kids that work hard in the classroom and believe in the
Student-athlete concept. The South Charlotte Sports
Report is just a small little part of the community that
can highlight these Hometown Teams and Hometown

I want to take a moment to thank the people that
have made ten years possible for the South Charlotte
Sports Report. A huge thank you to every single advertiser
you see inside our newspaper. These wonderful
companies believe in our product, they believe in the
community and they provide the backing it takes to produce
the newspaper, website and other outlets I use to
deliver my message. Please take the time to allow each
of these companies to earn your business, they are all
first-class people that I am very thankful for. I thank my
wife Grace and children Hannah, Will and Tyler. They
are the most special part of my life and all have played
a role in the development of the newspaper and other
events under our umbrella. I also want to thank you,
the community, for your support. I have met so many
wonderful Student-Athletes and families through this
company. The community has been very welcoming to
the South Charlotte Sports Report.

I have no idea what the next ten years may hold but
I hope it includes all of the programs I currently operate
and more. I hope to continue to be a positive addition
to the South Charlotte community and I certainly want
to see more wonderful kids growing up to make great
decisions and have success in life. It’s kind of wild to
me to think that the high school seniors we featured in
year one are now 28 years old and having children of
their own. Maybe in ten years, I will be able to place one
of their children inside the pages of the South Charlotte
Sports Report.

Thank you for all of your support.