After a strong 6-1 week picking local high school football games, its time to turn the attention onto week # 2.


Mallard Creek over Butler

Simply put, you aren’t going to beat a team built with so many of the best players from all across the area without something really crazy happening.  Butler is good, but we are talking about two teams that are of different compositions.


Bishop Sullivan over Providence Day

Neat opportunity for the Chargers to play a game at Campbell University, but this will be a very tough matchup.  Coach Hastings will make the PDS program stronger in due time.


Vance over Providence

I struggled hard with making this pick.  I believe Providence has some advantages in certain positions over Vance.  The linebackers are the best set in the area in my opinion.  Vance is a top notch program as well.  I can see this one going either way, the Providence crowd could provide a real boost.  My reason for choosing Vance has more to do with having advantages in certain areas where Providence doesn’t have as much experience.  Could come down to the final plays of the game.


Cuthbertson over Parkwood

Austin Kendall is just too much of a weapon for an upset to happen here.


South Meck over East Meck

The Sabres go to 2-0 with a win here.   Back before Providence, Ardrey Kell and Butler were opened, these were the two schools that served the lower half of Mecklenburg County.  If you can find a Mecklenburg native over 45 years old, chances are they went to one of these two schools.


Weddington over Forest Hills

I’m not sure Weddington gets the credit they deserve for their success over the last five years.  This is a very good football program that has weathered the loss of students to Cuthbertson, Marvin Ridge and Sun Valley.


Charlotte Latin over Northwood

Charlotte Latin looks to compete for another very strong football season.  Defense should be strong this year, offense will get rolling with more game time.


Be safe and have fun out there tonight!