South Mecklenburg High School
Carmel Middle School

245 pounds
Defensive End/Power Running Back
Class of 2016
Coached by Rocky White

What do coaches say about Zack:
“He is explosive, he makes bad things happen real fast.”
“Zack is loaded with athleticism, whatever he needs to do on the field, he is able to do.”
“Very few people on the field each Friday night are on his level.”
“Zack changed the game against us real fast, he simply man-handled our guys and took over.”
“When they hand him the ball, he is a beast to bring down.”
“It’s going to be a lot of fun for the South Meck folks to watch him play his senior year. If he gets a little bit stronger he could be the most dominant player in the city.”

Zack has college offers from all across the country; Tennessee, Boston College, North Carolina and all points in between.
Congratulations to Zack Gilbert, the Week 10 South Charlotte Sports Report Most Valuable Player.