South Mecklenburg High School cross country runner Adam Thomas is sprinting to the front of the pack with his dedication to running and classroom success.  The 17 year old son of Bill Thomas and Angela Gallimore serves as captain for the Sabres Cross Country Team and works hard to fulfill those duties.  Let’s go Beyond The Game to learn more about Adam Thomas.



When did you begin running cross country?

“I began running cross country my freshman year of high school. I had run track for my middle school and decided to give cross country a try. I remember going to my first practice and trying to stick with the best runners on the team in the workout and failing miserably. I thought that I would never be able to stick with the fast runners but after a summer of hard work, I was leading the lead pack in practice. This was the first time I learned from this team that hard work is the way to be successful.”



What are  your top accomplishments in sports?


“My greatest athletic accomplishments are becoming captain of the cross country, swimming, and track teams at South Meck, receiving the Liz Murray Scholarship for high school athletes from the Hood Hargett Breakfast Club, and teaching my teammates on the cross country team that the sport of cross country is not always about winning, but about being working hard every day to become a better person and runner than they were yesterday. All of these accomplishments are inter-connected in that being a leader, as a captain, has given me the opportunity to teach my teammates that life is not all about winning in everything. I teach them that life is about working together to work hard every day so that everyone may succeed.”



What is your best time in a race?


My best mark for a 5K race currently is 16 minutes 59 seconds at McAlpine Greenway here in Charlotte at the Wendy’s Invitational race last season.”



What are your goals for this season?


“My goals for this season are large, but attainable. They are to individually break the school record in a 5K of 16 minutes 8 seconds, and to lead our team to a State Meet appearance. My biggest goal as a captain this year is to include everyone on the team in everything the team does because we are a “family.” We care about an support everyone on the team, no matter how fast they run. This is a rare phenomenon in in high school sports so I want to give all of my teammates the opportunity to be a part of it.”


“This past summer I went to a running camp in Colorado where I learned many new stretches, core workouts, and other small extra things that I can pass on to my team to help them run faster. I will also always be there to cheer on every runner on the team during their race. When one of my teammates is on the last mile of a race, and I can see it on their face that they want to give up, that is when I cheer my hardest to help them accomplish their goals and race faster than they ever thought they could.”



What are your plans for the spring track season?


“I will run track in the spring and will most likely run the 4×800 meter relay and the 1600 meter races. My goal for the 1600 would be to break 4 minutes 30 seconds and to make it to the state championship meet.”





How well do you perform in the classroom?


“Academics have always been very important to me. I believe that the same intensity and competitiveness an athlete has towards their sport should carry into the classroom as well. I have a weighted cumulative gpa of 4.833 and am currently enrolled in 4 Advanced Placement courses. I am a member of National Honor Society, Key Club, Beta Club, and am the inter-club council representative for National Math and Science Honor Society. I was invited to be a junior marshal for the graduation ceremony last year. The Junior Marshalls consist of the top 30 in the class. I also received AP Scholar with Honors for receiving  exceptional AP test scores. I am a member of South Meck’s chamber choir and of Myers Park Baptist Church’s Youth Choir. I frequently volunteer in service projects run by the church such as those with Habitat for Humanity. I am a coach and team member of the Olde Georgetowne Summer League Swim Team. I have swam there for over 10 years and it is where I learned that working hard every day and as a team was the best way to be successful. Now as a coach I try to pass these values to my teammates in hopes that they will one day pass it on to future team members.”



What are your thoughts for college at this time?


“My first choice for colleges at the moment is the U.S. Air Force Academy. Their academic and athletic rigor matches my goals and expectations I look for in a college. I would like to run for the Academy if I am able to. I look to major in Aerospace Engineering and enroll in flight school in order to fly the F-35 fighter jet as I continue into armed service.”